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El-Kengsha (K) Group - Construction in Kenya El-Kengsha (K) Group - Construction in Kenya El-Kengsha (K) Group - Construction in Kenya El-Kengsha (K) Group - Construction in Kenya El-Kengsha (K) Group - Construction in Kenya

About us

The El-kengsha Roads & Bridges Construction Corporation (EL-KRBCC) is registered with the Ministry of Roads and Public Works as a Roads and Bridges as well as General Building works contractor.

With the current level of competition, it has become apparent to devise ways in which organizations like yourselves can benefit through outsourcing. We would like to be identified by the El-kengsha Roads & Bridges Construction Corporation (EL-KRBCC) brand but at the same time accord you with the necessary ease to concentrate on your core activities.

We have been in operation since the year 2000. The company’s physical offices are located in the Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, Thigiri area. Since its inception, the company has been involved in a range of projects mainly in the Central Province and in Nairobi.

In addition, in order to expand and acquire capacity and capability to handle big jobs, the company seeks out to merge with a well established leading consortium in the Middle East. As such, El-kengsha Roads & Bridges Construction Corporation is a result of the merger between successful local Kenyan contractors and a leading construction consortium in the middle east which has had experience in the construction of Roads, Bridges, super highways, motorways Airports, Hospitals, Universities, Large Housing projects, Residential & Commercial buildings and High-Rise Towers, including all Infrastructure and Electro Mechanical Works in the middle east.

This merger will ensure the company’s growth and acquisition of large jobs which will be done more efficiently leading to the growth of infrastructure which will in turn enhance and support business operation for the growth of our economy benefiting our country and truly redefining construction in Kenya. This will be in line with the government’s efforts to empower local businesses and companies such that super highways and construction projects will be done by our own locally owned companies like EL-KENGSHA ROADS & BRIDGES CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION.

The company employs a team of highly motivated well equipped and experienced personnel to all our projects. By so doing we create great quality structures for all our clients at a reasonable cost within the agreed upon period of time. Although El-kengsha Roads & Bridges Construction Corporation is fast expanding we ensure that all our projects are regularly supervised whilst conducting regular site meetings with all our clients to ensure that the project meets all the clients specifications, needs and requirements.

Finally, we take pride in our policy on customer satisfaction, occupational health and safety of workers, among others. Details of our corporate policies are outlined in subsequent pages.

We look forward to providing our services to your organization now and in the future.

Corporate Responsibility

At El-kengsha Roads & Bridges Construction, we understand the word responsibility to mean striving to do what is right, curving out a niche in the community, ...